stock components

•      Thin walled heat shrink tubing (PET, Pebax, Nylon, and Polyolefin)

•      Non-compliant and Semi-compliant balloons

•      Polyimide tubing

•      Extrusions including multi-layer and multi-lumen

•      Metal Tubing including Nitinol, Cobalt Chrome, and Stainless Steel

•      Dual articulation Versatility Handle

quick turn prototypes

•      Thermoplastic extrusion is as little as 1 week

•      Laser processing in as little as 1-2 weeks

•      Complex shape set Nitinol in 1-2 weeks

•      Semi-custom Balloon Catheters in 2 weeks or less

•      Competitive braided shaft and catheter lead-times

•      Custom Balloons in 3-4 weeks or less