Used either as a manufacturing aid and as an integral part of medical devices, the range of materials and applications is staggering.   While many of the products offered in this category are considered commodities, DSA presents a unique range of products and capabilities.   If your team is interested in the world's thinnest and strongest materials, tight tolerances and products engineered for specific design parameters, engage our experts in your design issue.

Beyond the materials, it's critical to fit the substrate to the appropriate product, and work carefully through equipment and process challenges.  Sometimes a small change can make all the difference. Your local Associate can help – we've been selling heat shrink tubing for 38 years in a wide range of applications.

The table below summarizes some of the different materials available and several key characteristics.   However, many custom capabilities and processes are available, so let's review your requirements.

PolymerShrinkage TemperatureDielectric StrengthMax Shrink RatioSpecs
PTFE675 F>1,400 volts/mil4:11,2,3,4
FEP425 F>2,000 volts/mil1.67:11,2,3,4
PET425 F>5,000 volts/mil1.25:11,3
PET (solid tubing)175-350 F5,000 volts/mil1.25:11,3
Polyolefin121 C>1,300 volts/mil3:11,2,3,4
PET (spiral wound)175-350 F>1,500 volts/mil2:12,3,4
LDPEmid-100's450 - 1,000 volts/milcustom1
PVC200 F>1,000 volts/mil2:11,2,3,4
PVC layflat200 F>1,000 volts/mil2:12,3,4
Kynar™350 F>1,000 volts/mil2:11,2,3,4
Viton™175 C>500 volts/mil2:13,4

*Specification Code: (1) U.S.P.. Class VI (2) UL/CSA listed (3) UL Flame resistant or retardant (4) Mil-Spec compliance (contact us for specifics)

While heat shrink tubings serve many different purposes, at times the use of a tight tolerance extrusion, direct surface coating, coextrusion, material substitution or some other approach will result in cost reductions. We would be happy to review any of these options with you.

ptFE coated mandrels

304 SS Fine Wire Mandrels in stock from .004" - .060", PTFE coated and uncoated wire. Quick turn, low minimum orders.

New proprietary technology permits coating of fine wire with a thin, smooth, pinhole-free finish of Teflon®-PTFE fluoropolymer resin to provide release or slip properties and/or electrical insulation.

Applications include providing an internal forming mandrel for extrusion of small-diameter plastic tubing with extremely accurate bore and use as magnet wire in electrical coils.

Release coating thickness is typically 0.0002 ±0.0001 in. (5.1 µm ±2.5 µm). For electrical insulation, coating thickness is typically 0.001 in. (25.4 µm).

The manufacturer has coated silver-plated copper wire with diameters from 0.012 to 0.080 in. (0.3 to 2.0 mm) and on stainless steel wire from 0.001 to 0.040 in. (25 µm to 1 mm) in diameter.