DSA’s extrusion offering includes sizes as small as 0.001” in a variety of materials using the cleanest, most advanced extrusion technology available.   In addition to quick-turn custom extrusion capability, an extensive catalog exists of stock tubing, making the R&D process more efficient.  

•      Most Thermoplastic Polymers 

•      Polyimide

•      Co-extrusions / Multi-layer

•      Multi-lumen

•      Wire and Fiber Reinforced

•      Fluoropolymers

•      Silicone

•      Balloon Tubing


DSA specializes in high quality, thin walled seamless tubing for critical delivery system components and implants.   Our controlled processing provide best in class tolerances, concentricity, and ID surface finish characteristics.   In addition to tubing, we also provide wire, sheet, and clad materials.   With access to some of the most regarded metallurgist and test facilities, DSA can assist with material selection and specification development, and even help with custom alloy development.   To assist with development, a Rapid Response team is dedicated to providing short runs of custom semi-finished materials in as little as 2 weeks.   


•      Nitinol                                  

•      Cobalt Chrome Alloys

•      Stainless Steel

•      Titanium

•      Tantulum

•      Precious Metals

•      Resorbable Metals


•      Superior Surface Finish / Hone Drilled Precision (HDP) ID Surfaces

•      High Cycle Fatigue (HCF) Nitinol

•      Profile Tube / Wire

•      Drawn Filled Tube

•      Custom Alloy Development

•      Material and Component Fatigue Testing